Optimizing Adsense keywords

Monday, June 9, 2008

Adsense is one many of sources for money making in your sites. In order to gain more profits from ads on your sites you need to optimize your ads. How could you do that? One of many ways is trying to get attention from you visitors by changing your adsense ads to be unique and blend with the background.

I have just found distinctive adsense background on a wonderful site! The price is start from $5 but you have to imagine how many benefits you got by using them. Visit here for more detail:

Adsense Backgrounds

Step 6: Additional income

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This is a question that everyone must ask: Is google Adsense the only advertising program in the net.
For sure it isn't, there's a ton around the net, you can even create your own advertising centre.
But you can get more from adbrite or sponsored reviews.
Me I really advice for Google Adsense only.

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Step 5: Google monetize your blog

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Adsense is an invention from Google to help people make earnings on the web through their website.
First of all, you have to then you need to have a good website or just a blog on Blogger.
If you have a blog on Blogger, Adsense will register you automatically!
Next you have to integrate your ads on your post and not only on the side bar. (look at my opimization) . You can also do it here is a good post about it
You'll need also an attractive skin, here's a good blogger templates and hacks

You can use also referral, they have good results unless you have a good traffic. You see 'sign up for adsense' it's using a referral! Guess how I'm doing? here's a post about it.

Want additional income?